Easy Business Website Builder in 60 Seconds!


Discovered a very cool new company that makes it very simple to create and own a business website in no time: Just Add Content is a website builder that has streamlined the WordPress process for businesses who want to get a site up quickly with no headaches and no contracts.

It is in essence a WordPress site (which I have praised for quite some time WP is amazing on it’s own). However, they have made it so much easier to get started by taking all the guess work out of it for the average business owner. It’s also still completely open to customization if that’s something your business requires. (I’d be happy to offer my services to anyone who needed some custom work done on a site at JustAddContent.com

Although it is not the best solution for an ecommerce site, it would be a perfect website solution for any business who needs to get their web presence up without the need to relay on a webmaster and without a huge learning curve on how to work the software. For example, JustAddContent.com would be great for Lawyers / Law Firm websites, Counselors, CPA’s, Business Consultants, Nail Hair or Beauty Salons, Insurance Companies, Restaurants, Mechanics, Auto Body Shops — just to name a few brick and mortar type businesses but also micro-bloggers, niche news sites, hobby groups and much more.

Anybody who needs to start a hassle-free website quickly but would also like to have the potential that WordPress provides to grow it into a great site, should take a serious look at this awesome website solution.

Full disclosure here, I have checked it out and I am impressed with it. So much so, I joined their affiliate program. The following is my affiliate link hope you like it. If you do, let me know!


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