An Oldie But a Goodie


Going through my archives of sites past, I found this all flash site I did a while back for Joe Hajek…a singer/songwriter, good friend and very talented artist.

It was for a while but I took it down because it was higher ranked on the Google than his official site, and that was not my intention when I made it.

Joe Hajek’s Official Unofficial Fan Site

Check out them tracks…buy “notebook” if you like a well-written song.

He released a very different version of “Acapulco Bay” – if you’re familiar, you should check it out because the version on the fan site is not at all like on The Ramblin’ and Regret.

(click on those highlights…especially “Joe Hajek” where you will learn how to say his name)

Makes me a little nostalgic for those pre- iphone days when Flash was so full of potential.

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