Local SEO Phoenix Challenge: The Results


So, I’m done! I made my plan, followed it and now it’s time to reap the rewards of my labor. This challenge was not just about getting more business for myself, it was about proving to myself that I could rank with the tools and knowledge I had acquired over the years. And now, I’m able to share that information with you.

I was really quite shocked at how fast I ranked in some of my service areas. Within 3 days I was on the first page for “San Tan Valley local SEO”. Ranking for this term was not shocking to me as there is very little competition for that area, but just how fast Google actually indexed my page was surprising. Other areas took a little more time and even some tweaking.

Side Note: During this process I discovered my site had been “Pharma Hacked” which is a very elusive search-based hack that only search engines see. So, for me, this challenge had an additional challenge as well as an added benefit: I was able to find and fix a problem I previously did not know existed.

As I expected, ranking for terms with Phoenix in them were definitely more of a challenge as there are more companies targeting that term than the surrounding areas. But as I have been continuing to blog about this challenge I have seen myself move to the front page for some key searches.

Following are the results on Google, 14 days after I began this challenge:

Page / Place   Search Term
  • 1 / 8          Phoenix local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Phoenix local optimization
  • 1 / 1          Gilbert AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Queen Creek AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Glendale AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Florence AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 3          Tempe AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 4          Mesa AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Chandler AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Apache Junction AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Peoria AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 6          Scottsdale AZ Local SEO

Local SEO Phoenix Video Commercial


The Local SEO Phoenix Challenge went a step further today.  I created a very simple video on Stupeflix.com

and then uploaded it to my YouTube Channel.

The idea behind this move is to see how a video ranks for certain search terms and to see if those inbound links I put in the video description help build/establish my authority on the subject of Local SEO Phoenix. I predict it will. I have to admit, I get a real rush watching my domain name climb over the competition in all of my local seo Phoenix service areas. It’s pretty neat when a theory gets proven.

The Local SEO Challenge Step 4 – Reinforce Your Service Areas

Local SEO Phoenix Challenge

Local SEO may be one of the few services that doesn’t use the yellow pages for a booster seat at the dinner table. Figuratively speaking of course. The online directories that exist out there like yp.com may not be the first place you go to find a local service, but they still serve a very useful purpose: reinforcing your presence and legitimizing your business.  They provide Structured Citations (verified localized external links or Cite links).

Registering your services in service directories seems like a no-brainer, but many small companies don’t do it because they feel there is no real audience for those websites. What those business owners don’t realize is that, even if actual people don’t frequent those sites, search engine bots do. Directories get crawled daily. And because they are sites that require some level of verification from the business listing owner, the search engines like Google, Bing and Apple Maps give them merit and count both the link to your site and the area under which your services are listed.

For my Local SEO Phoenix area challenge, I was a bit moderate with my listings. I hit the big ones. Facebook, Google+, LinkedInYellowPages, Apple Maps, Bing Places and, albeit begrudgingly, Yelp.  Even though there are a TON more out there I could be adding to, after the research I had done for my field of Local SEO in the Phoenix Area, these are the ones it seemed I could NOT afford to ignore if I wanted to rank.

Some interesting notes about placing myself on some of these services.

Apple Maps has a new tool called Apple Maps Connect to help businesses list themselves on Apple Maps.  Until this, it was a convoluted mess of finding the right sequence of links from an iPhone to get listed on there.  Kudos to them for making it much simpler.

Yelp is so easy to place yourself on, it gives me that uneasy feeling…I am purposely not linking to my yelp page to try and delay the inevitable flurry of amazingly positive reviews of my service by my competitors.

Bing and Google both require a verification by mail.

Apple and YP.com required a phone call for verification.

And that about covers the basics of my Local SEO Phoenix area challenge.  What’s left? The best part!  Results!



Review: FreshBooks for Accounting: How to Create an Invoice

FreshBooks Reviewed

A review of Freshbooks: FreshBooks Rocks!! I did not expect to have such a rave review of this company but they really have refined the entire process to make it as easy as possible.

I had heard about it but until I actually signed up for the free trial period (for real, FREE – they didn’t even ask for a credit card!), I had no idea. They have made it so easy for someone like me (who hates accounting and never trusts the “Free” tag) to take care of business. First, when you sign up, they send you a convenient email with your personal URL as seen here:

FreshBooks Persona URL

FreshBooks assigns you a personal URL so it’s easy for you to go to your account or send your accountant or employees your info.

The first thing I wanted to do was write up an invoice for a client. So I clicked on “Invoices” and the next page had a nice big button that said “Create an Invoice”. It asked if I billed for Service, Products or Both. I selected services. Then it prompted me for my business address, which makes sense as I need that on my invoice. See screenshot here:

FreshBooks New Invoice

Creating a new invoice right when you sign up is so easy with FreshBooks.

The next step, it prompted me for the Client’s information. I only had limited info but that’s all I needed! Entering your client’s information is so simple. No need to go searching through menus and finding the proper setup sections! Plus they let you assign your invoice number and the date of the invoice so if you have a prior system in place, you can just pick up from where your last invoices left off.

FreshBooks Invoice Creation Made Easy

Entering your client’s information is so simple. No need to go searching through menus and finding the proper setup sections!

In the end I was able to set up my service and billing rate and email my client all under 10 minutes! Plus, if I wanted to, I could import the history from my Quickbooks account. They really have thought of everything.

And the best part? All of it is free for 30 days (again, they really mean it: No Credit Card Required) and only $.33 a day ($9.95/mo) when you decide to sign up.




I was contacted by FreshBooks after this review was posted and told about a brand new product specifically for creating invoices FOR FREE.  Check it out here: http://freeinvoicecreator.com/