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Local SEO and Google My Business Updates


How do the recent Google “My Business” changes affect your small business?

Google made some changes to their “My Business” (i.e. Your Business on Google Maps) guidelines recently:

From what I’ve seen around the web, on some blogs and on twitter, the way it affects small business can be anything from “devastating” to “unimportant”. I had to wonder how something can be viewed so drastically different. So I looked over the guidelines and the only really impacting changes I see are that they will be more strict about the business name and the categories you choose.

For example: My business name is currently Jon Loudon. I just do business one-on-one with people and businesses I know I can help. So, I had originally posted my business name as Internet Marketing and Website Consulting by Jon Loudon. This is no longer acceptable. I can still list my services in the About section of My Business page, but unless it is an actual part of my business name, my services and key search terms are not allowed there anymore.

So why the big change? What is the big deal? I’d say for most actual service-based businesses, it’s won’t make much of an impact. For local search and local SEO marketers that may have been woo-ing clients with easy results by renaming their business on Google maps to match their search terms however, it makes their job a little more difficult.

Also, and I’m confident this is the main reason Google is cleaning up the maps, is to add value for businesses to use Adwords on Google Maps. It’s the equivalent to regulating billboard space in real-world marketing. You can still find those mom and pop shop street-facing signs when you drive close enough, but if you want some real exposure, better take out an ad and bid on it.

Hard to complain when they are the ones who built that online representation of our world. We’re just choosing to live in it.

The good news is, my tactics of winning the local SEO challenge are as legitimate as ever. 🙂

Did I miss anything else big on this local seo Google My Business guideline update? Let me know.

How I Won The Local SEO Challenge : E-book now on Amazon


I am a published Author! Besides the quote I got in my yearbook or the poem I wrote when I was a kid that my mom sent into a magazine and had published, I am also now an author on Amazon Kindle E-Books.

I was surprised how simple it was. They allow you to upload a Microsoft Word Document and their converter handles it pretty well. Some tips on getting your document ready for Kindle:

  • You don’t need an ISBN number. I originally thought that it may be required to have a pre-registered book but that is not the case at all.
  • They actually allow links in the text manual which was surprising to me. I am unsure if all readers will follow or maybe disable those links yet, but it’s pretty neat if it does. The possibilities are great — besides being able to create links to your site and material, you could reference multimedia as well.
  • Do not include your cover in the Word Document itself. The cover should be separate. When I first uploaded mine, I had made the first page the cover image and in the preview on the product page, the first two pages were cover graphics.
  • Take out any inserted shapes or lines. In Word, I had added some round-edged frames around some content to give it a nice look and separate those sections from the rest of the pages. However, when Amazon processes the document, those lines and shapes got all messed up. So I deleted them and it looked much better. By the way, bullet-points were fine.
  • Overall, it was much much easier than getting it on Google Play. But I did that too!

    How I Won The Local SEO Challenge: Free Download

    Local SEO Challenge Free Download

    How I Won the Local SEO Challenge is an edited and fortified collection of the blog posts I published on my site during the challenge. There are some extra bonus tips in there that were not in the original blog posts. I sincerely hope this may help some local business folks succeed in increasing their search rankings for their areas, leading to a more successful business. I kept it pretty simple.

    I’ve had a good time on this challenge. There’s nothing like seeing the results of the work done. When you see your business pop up for the search terms you were aiming for, on the first page — it’s very rewarding.

    If you have any tips of your own or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I’d love to hear from you!

    Please provide your name and email address for your free download.