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Local SEO Phoenix Area Challenge – I decided to make myself my best example and put myself on the map for Local SEO in the Phoenix area. When it comes to small business in Phoenix, local SEO done right can not just bring you good business, but it can save you good money. Local SEO will get you found organically in search rather than throwing money away on impermanent marketing.

Local SEO Phoenix Challenge: The Results


So, I’m done! I made my plan, followed it and now it’s time to reap the rewards of my labor. This challenge was not just about getting more business for myself, it was about proving to myself that I could

Local SEO Phoenix Video Commercial


The Local SEO Phoenix Challenge went a step further today.  I created a very simple video on and then uploaded it to my YouTube Channel. The idea behind this move is to see how a video ranks for certain

The Local SEO Challenge Step 4 – Reinforce Your Service Areas

Local SEO Phoenix Challenge

Local SEO may be one of the few services that doesn’t use the yellow pages for a booster seat at the dinner table. Figuratively speaking of course. The online directories that exist out there like may not be the

The Local SEO Challenge Step 3 – Target the Search Terms

Local SEO Phoenix Step 3

Local SEO: target the search terms.  This step is really about SEO in general.  I stay away from using the phrase “Key Words” because there is so much history behind those two words.  But that’s what I’m talking about when