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Local SEO Phoenix Area Challenge – I decided to make myself my best example and put myself on the map for Local SEO in the Phoenix area. When it comes to small business in Phoenix, local SEO done right can not just bring you good business, but it can save you good money. Local SEO will get you found organically in search rather than throwing money away on impermanent marketing.

Improve your SEO now. Don’t wait too long.

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“Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?” Well…because sometimes you just don’t know what you need to do. Sometimes the problem AND the answer are right in front of you, but you don’t know what you’re looking

Local SEO and Google My Business Updates


How do the recent Google “My Business” changes affect your small business? Google made some changes to their “My Business” (i.e. Your Business on Google Maps) guidelines recently: From what I’ve seen around the web, on some blogs and

How I Won The Local SEO Challenge : E-book now on Amazon


I am a published Author! Besides the quote I got in my yearbook or the poem I wrote when I was a kid that my mom sent into a magazine and had published, I am also now an author on

How I Won The Local SEO Challenge: Free Download

Local SEO Challenge Free Download

How I Won the Local SEO Challenge is an edited and fortified collection of the blog posts I published on my site during the challenge. There are some extra bonus tips in there that were not in the original blog