What are people searching for?


Well, besides the obvious, like the answer to life (42) and the car keys, people are looking for a lot of things.

When it comes to choosing your domain name or planning your online marketing strategy, knowing what people are actually looking for can be invaluable.

So, how can you find this out?

There are many businesses online that will do the research for you. However, there are also some very good tools provided by Google that can prove to be exactly what you need to answer that question.

Google Insights is a way to compare what people are searching for on the web. It offers ways to line up “search volume patterns” according to regions (Geographic), categories, and time (Seasonality).


Google AdWords is googles advertising branch and they have a wonderful keyword search tool that will let you search for the term you want and show you how many people are also searching that term. I like this tool a lot because it really simplifies the information I usually want most which is “how many people want this information/product/service I am offering?” This is a great way to find out what key words you want to include in your site depending on your subject matter.


Lastly, Google Trends is a way to see what is being searched and how frequently by who and where.  It’s like a stripped down version of twitter in that respect.  But it is much much much more powerful than twitter.   You can take any search terms you want and put them on a timeline to compare how they have been trending since 2004.