The top 1000 most visited sites according to the Google.


This is a fun page to check in on from time to time.

It’s a tool Google makes available via their “double click” adplanner.

Next time someone claims to have a top 500 site, top 1000 etc. you might want to pay this page a visit.

Using the Information

What good is this?  Besides knowing “who’s who” this list can reveal some true examples of “what works” and even show you some of the “why” it works.   Of course you’ll see the obvious big business sites.  MSN, Yahoo, Facebook (1st by far).  But you will also start to see other sites that might be able to help you better design your site, depending on the category you are in.  Home Depot was not a surprise for me to see in the top 100, but they have a very organized and referenced site throughout the internet searches and hubs.

Here is a link to the top 1000 sites in the US

Coming Soon….Understanding Traffic… an even simpler description of what a unique visitor is versus a new one…