The Local SEO Challenge Step 3 – Target the Search Terms


Local SEO: target the search terms.  This step is really about SEO in general.  I stay away from using the phrase “Key Words” because there is so much history behind those two words.  But that’s what I’m talking about when I say “Search Terms”.  What are you about?  What search terms do you want people to type in and find you under?

For my personal Local SEO challenge I wasn’t sure if I wanted “Local Search” or “Local SEO” and really “Geo Search” was another one I had on the early list.  Why not both?  Why not all 3?  It is possible that I may eventually decide to target more than just one search term, but for the purpose of my experiment, I was going to just pick one and go with it.

I went to Google Adwords and used their handy Keyword Planner to do a little research.  I found that “Local SEO” had almost three times the search volume as “Local Search” (and over 100x “Geo Search”).  So “Local SEO” it is.

I then wrote content for my local SEO service area pages and I:

  • Led off with the search term.
  • Followed it by the service area.
  • Wrote naturally, but with a definite focus on the search term and the search area, utilizing the zip code data I had as well.

This method is proven.  First and foremost, make it your title tag, then, placing your key search term in the very start of your content verifies for the search engines right away that this page is about that.  Repeating your search term throughout the content keeps it real.  And ending your content with the search terms solidifies the general theme of your content.  This hearkens back to English essay writing rules I learned in Jr. High:  Have a descriptive title, then state your topic in the introduction, expound on the topic throughout the body and restate your topic in your conclusion.

There is no magic number or key word ratio that has been revealed by Google when it comes to writing content.  Matt Cutts just says to write like it matters to someone who is looking for your information.  So that’s what I did. Specifically I did it for people looking for my services in the Phoenix area as you can see here in my Tempe AZ Local SEO service area page.

But wait, there’s more…time to get established.  Be legit.  Time to get physical.  I’m talking about getting a larger web presence.

Next up – reiterate your physical existence and service areas around the web.



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