The Local SEO Challenge Step 2 – Make it Search Friendly


Local SEO or local search starts with establishing your service areas and “writing them down.” The next step is proper placement and use of those service areas on your website. So here’s what I did.

I took all my “Local SEO Phoenix AZ Service Areas” and created a dedicated page for my service areas.  Many people stop there.  After all, you did it right?  You made a service area page and you posted the information on your website.  Done.  Well, yes, technically, you did it.  However, you can do a little better than that.  I then created a page for each service area.  Then I linked those pages to my service area page as well as linked them on my main menu under the service areas link.

What about duplicate content?  This was something I was a little concerned about when I started on this quest. There is some duplicate content on each of those pages.  However, in doing my research I found that if you can keep the page titles unique and not have EXACTLY identical content on each page, Google (and the other engines) will still treat your page as a unique piece of information when the search is relevant to the content on the page.

Which brings me to the next step for the local seo challenge.  Knowing your search terms.  What is your target audience targeting in their search?

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