Solar Powered Toys!


Ever since I was a kid and I got my first solar-powered calculator or, eventually, my solar-powered calculator watch, I have been in awe of the energy that surrounds us and we have yet to harness to the best of our ability. I have seen these dancing solar-powered flowers and other nonsense popping up lately, so I decided I would post some of my favorite finds on Amazon’s solar toys.

1. Solar Car – World’s Smallest Solar Powered Car – Educational Solar Powered Toy
How cool is this!? A four-wheeled itty bitty self-propelled solar panel car-like toy!

It needs direct sunlight or a super-strong flashlight on it, but it’s about the size of a dime!  Okay, so it’s more novelty than car, but for under $4, it’s a fun little amusement and keeps the kids in the sun a few more minutes while I sip my adult beverage — or it could make a unique calling card if you’re into putting stickers on things or what not.

2. Solar Kit That makes 6 toy6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit Build Your Own Science Toy DIY

Well, as solar kits go, this one has great potential for fun. And as for model kits and how they have their appeal, they don’t often have solar panels that power them. So, this little kit is pretty cool. It only comes with the one solar panel, but it has 6 toys that you help the kid assemble (if you have a kid who you are getting this for, not that it is required…solar toys are approved for older kids too).

It is a good lesson in solar power and how simple it can be to harness, and how fun it can be to watch dad get frustrated with the little plastic parts that are supposed to fit the right way — like in the picture that is too small to make out the details. But it’s fun in the sun when you’re done.

3. Robots Are Awesome – OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot
Solar energy powers this awesome and inspiring educational sci-fi kit from which you can build 14 different kinds of robots! ROBOTS! SOLAR POWERED ONES!! What?

Not for the tiny tots, but fun for the late elementary school or Jr. Higher who hasn’t become too cool for school. Or if you’re like me, it’s fun for you. Because, it’s a robot that is powered by the sun, of course.

4. Toys That Transform Rock – 3-in-1 Educational T3 Solar Transforming Robot Science Kit DIY
Revisiting the Robot + Solar Power = Fun and Cool idea and now throwing in an additional fan-favorite: the transforming toy! It’s a ROBOT! It’s a SCORPION-BOT! It’s a TANK! 3 SOLAR-POWERED TOYS IN ONE!!!

5.Dancing Flowers – Two’s Company Bee Happy Dancing Solar Flower, Set of 2




And why not throw in some of the rest…

Solar Powered Cockroach- Educational Toy


OWI – Frightened Grasshopper Kit – Solar Powered – OWI-MSK670