SEO is for Search Engine Optimization, or is it?


SEO – Some site owners might think it stands for Spend Every Ounce of time and money on getting your site noticed for “free” by the search engines.

SEO can be very simple and should be.  And you can thank Google for that.  Search engines are so smart these days.  And you shouldn’t think of that in a bad way, if you are a legitimate business / site owner with something to offer people who might be looking.

Gone are the days of saturating your site with keywords for key word sake, irrelevant site links and repetitive content pages 10 layers deep.  This type of monotony used to be what many site owners were focused on because of exploits by “marketers” in those days.  Seemingly overnight, that changed.  Instead of getting boosted to the top of a search engine those practices may very well hurt you indefinitely now, even get you blocked.

Searching for the Right Optimization Techniques

Give them something to search for...

Beware of companies who claim they will get you to be number one on Google, because even if they do that, it may only be a brief moment, or it may only be for a very specific search term.

For example, one SEO company touts that they will get you noticed by Google and you will be number one in the search ranking.  However, what they sometimes don’t tell you is what search terms you will need to enter in order for that to happen.  If that search phrase is not relevant to what people are searching for, what good does it do you?  My buddy Joe is a musician.  Guess what?  If you type in his full name, he turns out to be the number one search result.  Guess how many people are searching for his name on a regular basis?  3 – him, his mom, and yours truly.

I never make any promises when it comes to doing SEO work. Search Engine Optimization is a never ending process for competitive sites. Competitive sites are ones that are more than just an informative/brochure site for a company — a manufacturing site, or a government site does not really need to pay attention to SEO, people are seeking you out specifically in a case like that. You still want to avoid the things that might block you from search engines like overloading on keywords. But even then, if someone is just typing in your domain name (direct traffic), you don’t need to worry about much.

Yahoo, Bing and Google don’t really need to worry too much about SEO…irony. People generally just type in “” or “” or “” when they want to search for something.

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