Review: FreshBooks for Accounting: How to Create an Invoice

FreshBooks Reviewed

A review of Freshbooks: FreshBooks Rocks!! I did not expect to have such a rave review of this company but they really have refined the entire process to make it as easy as possible.

I had heard about it but until I actually signed up for the free trial period (for real, FREE – they didn’t even ask for a credit card!), I had no idea. They have made it so easy for someone like me (who hates accounting and never trusts the “Free” tag) to take care of business. First, when you sign up, they send you a convenient email with your personal URL as seen here:

FreshBooks Persona URL

FreshBooks assigns you a personal URL so it’s easy for you to go to your account or send your accountant or employees your info.

The first thing I wanted to do was write up an invoice for a client. So I clicked on “Invoices” and the next page had a nice big button that said “Create an Invoice”. It asked if I billed for Service, Products or Both. I selected services. Then it prompted me for my business address, which makes sense as I need that on my invoice. See screenshot here:

FreshBooks New Invoice

Creating a new invoice right when you sign up is so easy with FreshBooks.

The next step, it prompted me for the Client’s information. I only had limited info but that’s all I needed! Entering your client’s information is so simple. No need to go searching through menus and finding the proper setup sections! Plus they let you assign your invoice number and the date of the invoice so if you have a prior system in place, you can just pick up from where your last invoices left off.

FreshBooks Invoice Creation Made Easy

Entering your client’s information is so simple. No need to go searching through menus and finding the proper setup sections!

In the end I was able to set up my service and billing rate and email my client all under 10 minutes! Plus, if I wanted to, I could import the history from my Quickbooks account. They really have thought of everything.

And the best part? All of it is free for 30 days (again, they really mean it: No Credit Card Required) and only $.33 a day ($9.95/mo) when you decide to sign up.




I was contacted by FreshBooks after this review was posted and told about a brand new product specifically for creating invoices FOR FREE.  Check it out here:

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4 comments on “Review: FreshBooks for Accounting: How to Create an Invoice
  1. I also wrote a Freshbooks review on my blog and referred to some of your information here to see if we both got the same or similar impressions of the product. I think I’ll keep this one for a while. It’s really good for a freelance writer like myself who has very little time to track hours, expenses, etc. Thanks for sharing your review!

    • adminjon says:

      Thanks for the comment Bridget! It really is impressive how simple they have made it…and incredibly affordable as well!

  2. Mike says:

    well if you are looking for a free invoice and time tracking software you should check, personaly I use the Pro version but the free is unlimited.

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