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Pinterest Promoted Pins
This week, Pinterest is continuing it’s roll out of Promoted Pins, their “first advertising product.” I have the pleasure of working with a client who was invited to test their CPC (cost per click) advertising tool. I applied for them and they were accepted! As cool and historical as it is to be in on this ground-breaking marketing moment, however, my client is most likely not going to be participating in it.

I was hopeful that it might be a little more versatile when it came to audience targeting – ala Facebook targeted ads. I imagine this will be something that is developed further as the product is tested. As of now, it’s fairly straight forward as far as PPC / CPC marketing is concerned. Very basic stuff.

As you can see from the screen shot above, you:

  1. Pick your pins that you want to promote.
  2. Choose your audience. This gives you 4 channels to target: Location, Language, Device and Gender.
  3. Create a campaign.
  4. Make your bid.

Pinterest Promoted Pins Target Audience

They have combined 3 & 4 into “1 Step” and have made Tracking the 4th step in their promoting of the product. This ties in with their recent introduction to more in-depth Pinterest Analytics they just unveiled two weeks ago.

Like I mentioned, being able to target your ads more narrowly would be a HUGE benefit to businesses who have a more niche product. This could be done by introducing one more targeting filter: People Who Follow…

If you are an area rug company, for instance, you would love to be able to target people who follow Crate & Barrel.

This increases your PPC CTR and therefore also would increase revenue for Pinterest. So, in my opinion, this is an inevitable feature coming down the pipe.

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