Local SEO Phoenix Challenge: The Results


So, I’m done! I made my plan, followed it and now it’s time to reap the rewards of my labor. This challenge was not just about getting more business for myself, it was about proving to myself that I could rank with the tools and knowledge I had acquired over the years. And now, I’m able to share that information with you.

I was really quite shocked at how fast I ranked in some of my service areas. Within 3 days I was on the first page for “San Tan Valley local SEO”. Ranking for this term was not shocking to me as there is very little competition for that area, but just how fast Google actually indexed my page was surprising. Other areas took a little more time and even some tweaking.

Side Note: During this process I discovered my site had been “Pharma Hacked” which is a very elusive search-based hack that only search engines see. So, for me, this challenge had an additional challenge as well as an added benefit: I was able to find and fix a problem I previously did not know existed.

As I expected, ranking for terms with Phoenix in them were definitely more of a challenge as there are more companies targeting that term than the surrounding areas. But as I have been continuing to blog about this challenge I have seen myself move to the front page for some key searches.

Following are the results on Google, 14 days after I began this challenge:

Page / Place   Search Term
  • 1 / 8          Phoenix local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Phoenix local optimization
  • 1 / 1          Gilbert AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Queen Creek AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Glendale AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Florence AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 3          Tempe AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 4          Mesa AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Chandler AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Apache Junction AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 1          Peoria AZ Local SEO
  • 1 / 6          Scottsdale AZ Local SEO

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