Learning to Share, Again


I know a LOT about a LOT of things.  But I have rarely felt I know enough to turn me into an expert on any one thing.  I honestly cringe at the word “expert.”  I am always learning something new.  I can always find someone who knows more about a certain subject and this fact, or perspective, has often blocked me from sharing what I DO know with those who could use that knowledge.

It’s a daily process I go through.  Self-assuring myself that I have nothing to lose by reaching out and trying to help others with their needs.  Giving myself some credit for what I have accomplished and learned goes against my core being.  Mainly because I’m afraid there’s going to be someone there, waiting to tell me they already know what I’m saying or even worse, what I know is wrong.

Yet, over and over again, I help people who contact me for assistance.  This alone should be proof that I have some merit and this alone is what propels me to continue on, daily, to learn something new and apply my knowledge and theories to various situations — be it for my own challenges or one of my clients.

So, today, I’m sharing with you, that no matter what it is you do, there is someone out there that would benefit from learning something you know about that subject.  Lucky for me I have friends who are amazing at this.  They fully grasp that while they do not know “it all” they still know enough to share it with others.  And yes, THERE WILL BE the know-it-alls out there who are ready to poop on your precious little post or e-book or seminar or resume or whatever it may be.  That’s okay, wipe it off and move on and let the people who need that knowledge have it.

Okay, I admit it, I wrote this post for me…but maybe, I wrote it for you too.

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