How I Won The Local SEO Challenge : E-book now on Amazon


I am a published Author! Besides the quote I got in my yearbook or the poem I wrote when I was a kid that my mom sent into a magazine and had published, I am also now an author on Amazon Kindle E-Books.

I was surprised how simple it was. They allow you to upload a Microsoft Word Document and their converter handles it pretty well. Some tips on getting your document ready for Kindle:

  • You don’t need an ISBN number. I originally thought that it may be required to have a pre-registered book but that is not the case at all.
  • They actually allow links in the text manual which was surprising to me. I am unsure if all readers will follow or maybe disable those links yet, but it’s pretty neat if it does. The possibilities are great — besides being able to create links to your site and material, you could reference multimedia as well.
  • Do not include your cover in the Word Document itself. The cover should be separate. When I first uploaded mine, I had made the first page the cover image and in the preview on the product page, the first two pages were cover graphics.
  • Take out any inserted shapes or lines. In Word, I had added some round-edged frames around some content to give it a nice look and separate those sections from the rest of the pages. However, when Amazon processes the document, those lines and shapes got all messed up. So I deleted them and it looked much better. By the way, bullet-points were fine.
  • Overall, it was much much easier than getting it on Google Play. But I did that too!

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