Help Yourself: Muse or Square Space?


There are many solutions out there today for your website needs. A webmaster is more like an info manager than an actual necessity. Recently I stopped looking the other way and forced myself to check out some products on the market that help a person get their own site on the web.

Adobe Muse
Great for graphic and print designers who don’t want and can’t stand dealing with HTML or CSS, Muse is the perfect missing link between, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Even Illustrator people would have no trouble publishing sites with this. Like anything, you have to learn how it works, but if you’re familiar with Photoshop, you can make some great looking sites easily. They have a growing number of instructional videos and forum for support.
Free to Try, various monthly rates to keep.

Square Space
Further down the web site food chain are the do-it-yourself-ers who: 1. don’t have the skills or the time to learn the skills it takes to design a web site, 2. is not picky about having a truly custom website and prefers function over form and 3. want it now…these folks are feasting at the awesomely set and served table that is . It’s a beautiful thing they have done there at SquareSpace. So easy to get started and they have a great selection of templates. All software is online and plenty of tutorials to guide the way.
Free to Try, various monthly rates to keep.

So that’s the nutshell rundown on two of the hundreds of products available.