Got a call…


Got a call from a guy who was looking for some advice yesterday. After talking to him and finding out more about the project and what he really needed, I was able to point him in the right direction. I’m not a programmer. I don’t consider myself a “developer”. I do have a LOT of experience and know some good, companies connections and sources.

I don’t say I’m going to be able to help everyone personally, but given the chance to have a conversation with them, I can usually set them on them on the path to accomplishing their goal.

Free-lancing is an ever-changing job. Never sure where your next work will be coming from. Who might need your services. What services I might pick up between or even during projects. All these aspects and more can make it a very fulfilling way of working. The obvious flip-side of that is not knowing when your next pay check might be coming and where it will be from…it’s a little like gardening…never know for sure which plants will be fruitful, but know that if you do the work, it will come eventually.