Google Drive . . .?


Sooo, I have not received my google drive anouncement yet. I keep looking up and I see “Documents” on the top black bar. I sigh. (sigh)

I heard about it on a podcast about Google – it is a weekly podcast – I am not going to promote them right now though. But they were talking about it as if they were invited to the debut or something. As if it would just change over automatically. So for a day, I just stared and waited.

So you know what I did just now? I googled it. “Google Drive”

Google Drive rendered a search result of

I clicked on it. I started it. And now I have 5gb of space I can share or use as I want…for free.

Just downloaded the desktop application for the PC and installed it. Works just like I would expect. Except that it syncs your current Docs with the folder you create for the desktop application. So you get a bunch of old docs you forgot you did showing up on your computer…if you’re like me. Cool thing is…it’s as easy as creating a new folder to file your docs.

And now when I look up there on my google black bar…I see Drive instead of Docs., it’s your turn now. I would expect some enticing deals or new options coming from your direction sometime pretty soon…

Online storage is not online backup. But the two shall soon meet. A company like Carbonite offers a fantastic service. Well, more than just a service, they offer many services for backing up your data. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here in predicting that Google has already begun a new backup app…or someone has. As of the publication time of this post, I could not find a legitimate backup utility for Google Drive, however, that means nothing other than I have possibly searched inadequately.

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