Affiliate Programs That Work!


If you’re looking for a good way to increase your sales as a company, you really need to embrace the idea of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is giving others the tools to advertise for you. It increases your web-presence immensely.

On the flip side is the individual publisher, blogger that might want to create some additional cash flow, you should look into becoming an affiliate. I know, that’s a pretty general statement, but it’s because there are so many ways to make money with the affiliate programs out there…as many types of businesses as there are, that’s how many ways there are.

Check out OmniStar. They are a very successful affiliate company that makes it easy to sign up and get started. – an inkjet and toner recycling company who provides awesome discounts on printer ink, uses them and offers 23% of all sales to their affiliates!

Of course, there is the Amazon Affiliate Program as well. If you like products and reviewing them, this is a no-brainer. Get paid everytime someone buys something you recommend. Or even everytime someone decides to go to Amazon from your link!

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