About the Web Specialist


Jon Loudon resides in San Tan Valley, Arizona and works throughout the Phoenix area. There he lives with his wife and two kids. Besides writing in the third person, he serves the public with free advice on website optimization, design, online marketing and most anything web related that he knows about.

Like many seasoned web designers he has acquired a wide arrange of computer skills through the years and continues to expand his knowledge on a daily and weekly basis.

In-depth tutoring, website consulting, graphic design, logo creation and other services is how Jon Loudon, the Web Specialist, makes a living. WordPress is one of his specialties and has delivered many WordPress sites with customized themes. Using GoDaddy for many smaller clients, they have recently started a new WordPress Optimized Hosting plan that makes it very simple to set up a new site.

However, he has recently been referring some larger clients to BlueHost because they have great rates, good server speeds and excellent up-times even for their shared hosting accounts.

Over the years he also has had experience working in Joomla, Drupal, ASP Dot Net Storefront, BigCommerce, Yahoo Merchants (Yahoo Store), and more than a few other online web products and languages.